Established in May 1996, APM AGRICOM, INC. was set up to address the needs of the Philippine animal industry for high quality raw materials and nutritional products.

We are among those few importers who pioneered in marketing low temperature fish meals, lecithin oil, rice protein concentrate, mycoprotein, dried distiller’s grain soluble, salmon fish oil, hemoglobin powder, alfalfa products, organic phosphate, pork meal and various types of animal protein.

At present, we continue our tradition of contributing products to the industry with advanced concepts. Such products help the formulators in creating exceptional feed formulations. We source out our materials from The Netherlands, Germany, France, United States, Australia, France, Singapore and China.

Product Expansion

Proteins and Meals

Outside of marine proteins, APM Agricom, Inc. later expanded to also import various vegetable and animal based proteins, such as potato protein, soy protein concentrates and rice based proteins, as well as specialty animal based proteins such as whole and defatted egg powders, haemoglobin powders, and other various pet food grade materials such as turkey meal and pork meal.

Gaining Focus

Piglet Nutrition and Aquaculture

APM Agricom, Inc. also markets specialty oils and attractants for both the land animal (with emphasis to piglet nutrition) and the aqua feedmilling industry. Korean squid oils, meal and pastes, spray dried fat blends from Holland, crude lecithin from China, marine oils, both crude and semi-refined from Peru and Thailand, Chile and New Zealand, and shrimp meals from India are among its various product lines. Tea seed cakes/meals are also part of its product range for the aquaculture industry. Colostrum and nucleotides are some of the newer products that have been added.

International Partners

From Asia to Europe

Milk products, blends, Skimmilk powder replacers, yeast products, vital wheat gluten, yucca meal and alfalfa pellets are also in the range of APM Agricom, Inc. Most of these materials come from Holland , France or the United States and are sold either on a local ex-stock basis or indent basis directly to the intended customers.

APM Agricom, Inc. was established by individuals of several nationalities, all very much involved in each country’s respective livestock/feedmilling industries and maintains an office in Taiwan aside from the Philippines . It also has associates in South Korea , Peru , Chile , the United States and Holland.